These Stupid Criminals Pretty Much Got Themselves Caught

Criminals aren’t the smartest people around, and we don’t need anyone to tell us that. But these criminals take the cake,  and pretty much got themselves arrested. Let’s start with the news story that I shared the other day.  There was a sign at a

8 Weird Little Factoids About Casinos

8 Weird Little Factoids About Casinos What is it about casinos that draw in the weirdest and wonderful folks in the world? Places like Las Vegas are a magnet for bizarre people and bizarre things, and anyone who goes there usually comes back with a

Here’s Our Unique Gadget of the Day – Electric Bikes!

At first glance, an electric bike sounds like something an eccentric millionaire would own – and we’ve seen plenty of those bizarre structures in our lifetimes. At second glance, you might wonder who on earth would need an electric bike, since bicycles are already propelled

Make Sure You Didn’t Buy These Recalled Frozen Chicken Patties

Image: Pexels Tyson is recalling over 39,000 pounds of frozen chicken patties due to concerns that they were contaminated with “extraneous material.” The patties were sold under the Weaver brand and were distributed in Missouri, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas

Camilla Luddington marries Matthew Alan in California

Aug. 18 (UPI) — Grey’s Anatomy actress Camilla Luddington and 13 Reasons Why alum Matthew Alan exchanged marriage vows in California this weekend. said the bride, 35, and groom, 36, tied the knot in a coastal ceremony on Saturday in front of about 70

Form Swim Goggles Review: Fitness Tracking at the Pool

When my mother uses an elliptical machine, she covers the screen with a towel. She says she doesn’t want to “become obsessed” with when it will end. For me, numbers are everything. I have to count down the minutes, seconds, and fractions of a mile

Amazon Says It Can Detect Fear on Your Face. You Scared?

Amazon announced a breakthrough from its AI experts Monday: Their algorithms can now read fear on your face, at a cost of $0.001 per image—or less if you process more than 1 million images. The news sparked interest because Amazon is at the center of

A Major Proof Shows How to Approximate Numbers Like Pi

The deep recesses of the number line are not as forbidding as they might seem. That’s one consequence of a major new proof about how complicated numbers yield to simple approximations. Quanta Magazine About Original story reprinted with permission from Quanta Magazine, an editorially independent

Robot Coffee Tastes Great, But at What Cost? (About $5)

Airports have robot coffee now. But first, consider that moment—you’ve experienced this—where your multiply delayed flight finally lands, maybe at the airport you expected and maybe not. Then you realize, taxiing across the tarmac, that it is in fact the middle of the night. So

A Brief History of Vanity License Plates Gone Wrong

This week, WIRED looked into the plight of Joseph Tartaro, a security researcher whose NULL vanity license plate at one point had him on the hook for $12,049 in fines. The problem? Apparently every time a traffic cop wrote a ticket and left the license