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Frozen iguanas fall from trees as temperatures drop in Florida

Frozen iguanas have been falling from trees in Florida after plunging temperatures caused them to stiffen-up and lose their grip on branches. The cold-blooded lizards slow down or become immobile when temperatures drop to 4C (40F). The National Weather Service (NWS) in Miami posted a

Man Fakes Own Kidnapping to Get Out of Attending His Wedding

When it comes to backing out of a wedding, faking your own kidnapping sounds like overkill, but that didn’t stop a Colombian man from using this technique to avoid attending his own wedding. The unnamed 55-year-old man, from the Colombian town of Pitalito was scheduled

Kiss Cam Allegedly Catches Infidelity at Soccer Match

An Ecuadorian man was allegedly caught red handed cheating on his partner with another woman, when the half-time kiss cam showed them kissing in the stands during a soccer match. Last Saturday, Barcelona of Guayaquil, Ecuador’s very own Barcelona soccer club, made its traditional yearly presentation

African Man Find Out His Wife of Two Weeks Is Actually a Man

In a news story you would expect to read on websites like The Onion, a Ugandan holy man was suspended from his duties as imam, after it was discovered that he had unknowingly wed a fellow man. 27-year-old Sheikh Mohammed Mutumba, was recently suspended from

Adorable Puppy Conquers Internet with Her Mesmerizing Eyes

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past week, you’ve probably seen one of the many videos of an adorable cocker spaniel with amazing eyes doing the rounds on social media. Her name is Winnie, and at only three-months-old she had already won

Big enough for the whole squad! Lukaku splashes out on giant bed

Romelu Lukaku’s enormous bed has raised eyebrows on Instagram after he shared pictures of himself settling into his new flat. The Inter Milan star treated himself to a new bed in his new apartment, opting for a massive 12ft number from a specialist large bed

Cat lovers less likely to go to church, research suggests

Church-goers are less likely to own a cat than atheists – partly because some of the latter see cats as a “god substitute”, according to research. Owning a pet is said to replicate some of the benefits of joining a faith community, and while cats

Snowel Gallagher and Gritter Thunberg among new salt spreaders

Snowel Gallagher and Gritter Thunberg are among the pun-filled names chosen for a new fleet of eight salt spreaders in Manchester. The city council asked for suggestions on Twitter and received more than 2,000. The catchiest 24 were then put to the public to have

Udder chaos: Cow on the railway sparks rush-hour delays in Scotland

A Highland cow has caused udder chaos during rush hour around Glasgow after the “absolute unit” escaped from a nearby park. ScotRail warned commuters about the disruption on Twitter shortly before 9am on Tuesday. The train company posted a photo of the cow refusing to

Airline sorry for forcing passenger to take pregnancy test

An airline has apologised after staff forced a passenger to take a pregnancy test before she was allowed to board a flight to Saipan. Part of the Northern Mariana Islands, Saipan has become a popular place for foreign women to give birth as it makes

US ambassador’s moustache causes uproar in South Korea

The threat of nuclear war has hung over the peninsula for years – but it seems the US ambassador’s moustache has got South Koreans bristling with anger. Harry Harris, a former navy admiral who was born in Japan to a Japanese mother and an American