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‘Let me out!’ – Man gets last laugh at his own funeral

Mourners who attended the funeral of a man in Ireland were left in shock when they heard his voice from beyond the grave. “Let me out, it’s f***ing dark in here” cried Shay Bradley from his coffin as it was being lowered into the ground

New royal puppies revive bloodline of late king’s old hound

Four years after the late king of Thailand mourned his beloved pet dog, the country has shown off eight new puppies related to the old royal hound. King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who died on 13 October 2016, was smitten with his furry friend Khun Thong Daeng,

Ukraine Opens Radioactive Chernobyl Reactor Control Room to Tourists

In an effort to boost tourism to turn the Chernobyl disaster zone into a tourist attraction, the Ukrainian government recently decided to open a highly radioactive reactor control room to tourists. The control room of Chernobyl’s reactor four is where Ukrainian engineers turned off the

Elderly Man Steals 159 Bicycle Seats Because Someone Stole His

A 61-year-old man from Tokyo’s Ota Ward was recently arrested by Japanese police for allegedly stealing no less than 159 bicycle seats, as a bizarre way of taking revenge for having his own seat stolen last year. Earlier this month, Akio Hatori was apprehended for

Driver caught with sofas strapped to car roof

Police have shared a photo of a car they stopped in Glasgow which had sofa chairs strapped to the roof. The furniture was wedged into the vehicle above and below the open boot, secured with only a few straps. Police said the driver was given

Dog with Human Like Eyes and Smile Takes Internet by Storm

Nori, an adorable Aussiepoo mix from Seattle has become an internet sensation thanks to his expressive eyes and cute smile, which many have described as eerily human-like. When they see Nori’s almond-shaped eyes and pink lips that curl into an almost human smile, most people

Winner of viral Fat Bear contest revealed

A bear compared to the “Michelin Man” has been crowned the winner of a Fat Bear competition that became an internet sensation. Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska asked people to vote on its Facebook page for their favourite rotund grizzly. The contest featured

Spanish Company Launches “Wellness Shirt” That Can Allegedly Reduce Stress

Developed by Spanish fashion brand Sepiia, the Ultimate Smart Shirt 3.0 is a special men’s garment that can allegedly reduce the wearer’s stress, improve blood flow and increase energy levels. Sepiia has been developing smart clothing for years now. Its first generation garments incorporated staining-resistant

The Photo-Realistic Charcoal-Drawn Portraits of Dylan Eakin

Looking at the expertly-drawn charcoal and graphite portraits of Dylan Eakin, you’d think he has a lifetime of experience and many years of art school under his belt, but the truth is he’s a self-taught artist and he’s only been at it for three years.

‘Zombie deer’ threatening to invade US state

It may sound like the setup for a low budget horror film, but wildlife officials have warned of the genuine threat of zombie deer. Regulators are working overtime to stop the afflicted animals from reaching Nevada, worried that the chronic wasting disease that gives them

Guinea Pig-Flavored Ice Cream Proves Big Hit in Ecuador

An Ecuadorian woman has been getting a lot of attention online for devising a very unusual yet surprisingly popular ice-cream flavor – guinea pig. You probably know the guinea pig as a lovable house pet, but in South American countries like Ecuador, Peru or Bolivia