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Join Google and Delete Cheetah Mobile’s Spammy Apps From Your Android

Google recently announced it banned over 600 apps from the Play Store for using aggressive advertising practices. Buzzfeed reports that many were published by relatively popular developers like Cheetah Mobile, which had 45 apps available on the Play Store—some with billions of downloads—before being banned.

You Need More Than HTTPS to Stay Safe on Public Wifi

You shouldn’t be afraid of using public wifi anymore. Or, at least, you have much less to fear nowadays. While that doesn’t mean that you should blindly connect to “free internet,” “xfinity,” or other random, open hotspots without a little common sense—and some software backups—we’ve

People Can’t Tell if This Animal Is a Fox or a Dog

Photos of an adorable “fox dog” have been doing the rounds on the internet over the past week, leaving people wondering whether the animal is a dog, a fox, or a mix between the two. The adorable Mya first drew the internet’s attention back in

How to Try Out Windows 10’s New System Icons

Windows 10 will soon be getting a host of new system icons, giving the operating system’s look a much-needed refresh (in advance of Windows 10X). The icons are slowly showing up in test builds of Windows 10, and you can check them out early if

Why You Got a Weird ‘1’ Notification on Your Samsung Android

Did you get a weird notification on your Samsung phone last night? You’re not alone. Reports of a mysterious notification have been hitting the internet over the past day after some Samsung phones received a “Find my Phone” push notification that simply said “1,” with

Gmail Searches Are About to Get a Lot Easier

Searching through your Gmail for specific messages is about to get a lot easier—if your organization uses G Suite, at least. You’re still free to be a keyboard warrior and fill Gmail’s search bar with parameters, like before:2020/2/20, or use its drop-down menu to

Is This Viral TikTok Actually the Best Fast Food Hack?

Have you ever ordered a 10-piece Chicken McNugget and a large drink, and found yourself with too few hands to adequately carry, sip, and dip? Well, TikTok’er @MakeupByPablo recently posted a genius McDonald’s hack that we decided to test out. According to Pablo, you open

The Minimalist’s Guide to Skincare for Men

Style GirlfriendStyle Girlfriend is the go-to destination for guys seeking not just fashion advice, but lifestyle tips, tricks, and shortcuts – all from a friendly, female editorial team’s perspective. Each week, Team SG will round up the clothes, grooming products and more men need to

Say Goodbye to Fabric Softener and Hello to $8 Dryer Balls

Best Home DealsBest Home DealsThe best home, kitchen, smart home, and automotive deals from around the web, updated daily. Update: Sold out. RIP. While I don’t personally have a problem with dryer sheets (I’ve never used a traditional fabric softener), my friends who use dryer

Delete Those Scooter Apps and Just Buy an Electric Scooter For $290

Best Home DealsBest Home DealsThe best home, kitchen, smart home, and automotive deals from around the web, updated daily. Refurb Bird ES1-300 Electric Scooter | $290 | Amazon Stop renting those dumb scooters, and own your own. Right now, you can pick up a refurbished

Everything You Need to Know About the New Firefox VPN

Mozilla launched the beta for its long-planned VPN, Firefox Private Network, adding yet another VPN service for both mobile and desktop users. There’s currently a waitlist for beta access, so we haven’t had the chance to test the new service, but there are some notable

Get Free Science Illustrations From the Biodiversity Heritage Library

If you’re looking for a new wallpaper, a tattoo idea, or just an amazing time scrolling through illustrations from the past, the Biodiversity Heritage Library holds a treat for you. Its thousands of public domain images and digitized books are also educational, collecting observations of

How to Prevent Ring from Sharing Your Data with Marketing Companies

Ring home security devices are supposed to help keep your family and home safe, but it turns out the company uses its products to sell your personal data to third-party advertisers and marketers. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) recently published a report showing that the

Save Up To 70% On Exclusive Sales At Puma For Today Only

Puma 70% Off Sale | Puma If you’ve been looking for an excuse to upgrade your athleisure aesthetic, you should check out Puma’s “private sale” where all the items are up to 70% off for today only! Yes, we’re talking about sneakers AND apparel, as

How to Stay Warm Without Raising Your Heating Bill

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but it’s February and all the charm of the cold is long gone. Since there’s still at least one more month of winter weather, here are some tips for how to stay warm without raising the thermostat. First, try

Oh No, Can You Hear Me? AirPods Are as Low as $112

Best Tech DealsBest Tech DealsThe best tech deals from around the web, updated daily. Apple AirPods (Renewed) | $112 | Amazon While Apple continues peddle the latest generation AirPods at full price ($160), you’re no sucker. You know that the only differences between the these