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6 Animals with Unique Color Mutations

Thanks to Darwin and the Galapagos Islands, we know that environment and likelihood of reproduction determine most everything about an animal’s appearance. But sometimes,  a genetic anomaly doesn’t condemn an animal to death who strays too far from the species’ norm. And sometimes, these genetic

7 Worst Prisons in the World

Along with true crime fascination, there’s a contemporary curiosity about corrupt and neglected prison systems across the globe. Meant to rehabilitate society’s worst, prisons devolve into nightmarish hell-scapes that harm more than reform. Documentation of the horrors is widespread. National Geographic Channel’s Locked Up Abroad

8 Genius Ways to Maximize Space in Small Baby Nurseries

Having a baby can come with all kinds of challenges. From pregnancy aches and pains to long sleepless nights, welcoming a baby into the family means making all kinds of adjustments to your routine. One of the biggest changes will be finding space in your

6 Car Accident Injuries You May Not Immediately Notice

For some people, the injuries sustained from a car accident aren’t immediately obvious. It’s not until several hours or even days after that you realize you’re more injured than you thought. Here are six car accident injuries you may not notice straight away and that

The Discontinued Girl Scout Cookies of the Past

We all love Girl Scout cookies, or at least we know of them. There have been many different kinds throughout the years and here they are! Plus some that came, and never went. Van’chos Van’chos were available from 1974-1983. Van’chos were chocolate and vanilla sandwich

6 Weird Things Found with X-ray

Medical imaging technology gets more advanced every year, and doctors can see and diagnose illnesses earlier than ever before. But sometimes it just takes old school tech to discover the answer to strange symptoms and circumstances in both humans and animals. These are six items

A Guide for Business Owners: How to Increase Your Online Sales

Whether you run a small web-based store to supplement your business’s main income or whether you trade solely via the internet, you should stop at nothing to increase your online sales. The question is, how can this be achieved in the competitive e-commerce industry of

10 Deadliest Animal in the World

When you think about deadly animals in the world, images of giant sharks leaping into the air with mouths filled with rows of teeth may come to mind. However, sharks don’t even rank in the top ten. I’d argue these deadly animals are even more

5 Bizarre Places where Life Exists

Looking up at the night sky, it seems impossible life could survive on distant planets with harsh atmospheres and desolate landscapes. But every year scientists discover unique life forms in some of the most inhospitable environments on Earth. These discoveries make alien life, even in

23 Weird Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Nutball Will Truly Love

When you love someone, you want to make their life easier. In that spirit, what fits the bill more than a towel designed to be used after sex?“Need a towel, honey?”“Yes, make sure it’s the one that specifically says ‘After Sex Towel.’”“There’s a difference?”“Yes, other

10 Cool Adventure Bars Around the World

If heading to the local watering hole for some suds doesn’t have any appeal for you, maybe it’s just not enough of a challenge to get there. There are bars all over the world in desolate and unusual places. Despite their isolation, they still offer

5 Bizarre Darwin Awards

The Darwin Awards’ tagline is “salute the improvement of the human genome by honoring those who remove themselves in a spectacular manner.” The tongue-in-cheek reasoning is that if you believe “survival of the fittest” in a literal sense, then people who cause their own deaths

10 Coolest Super Bowl 2020 Commercials

Super Bowl LIV had it all; great football, amazing halftime show (Shakira’s zaghrouta is the 2020 meme to beat), and some fantastic commercials. While a few of the ads fell flat, some of the funniest and coolest came from car manufacturers highlighting their new 100%

5 Cool Bookstores Around the World

During the late aughts people were in a panic e-readers were making books obsolete. We all thought we were just a few decades away from downloading published works directly into our brains, Matrix-style. The bankruptcy and closing of Borders and Waldenbooks in 2011 confirmed readers’