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Black Panther Spotted Roaming Rooftops Of Lille, France

PARIS (AP) — Emergency workers caught an unusual prowler lurking around rooftops in northern France: a black panther. Firefighters and a veterinarian responded after residents of a neighborhood near Lille reported that a big cat had been spotted “strolling on residential gutters” on Wednesday night.

Woman Sparks Apartment Fire By Burning Love Letters

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — It seems this love was too hot to handle. Police in Lincoln say a 19-year-old woman sparked an apartment fire Monday by burning love letters from her ex in her bedroom. Police say the woman used a butane torch to burn

Here’s Our Unique Gadget of the Day – Electric Bikes!

At first glance, an electric bike sounds like something an eccentric millionaire would own – and we’ve seen plenty of those bizarre structures in our lifetimes. At second glance, you might wonder who on earth would need an electric bike, since bicycles are already propelled

15 Odd Yet Funny Gag Gifts

We all love a good gag gift, and what’s better than odd, funny, and weird gag gifts? Is that not the point? Here are some of the best, odd, and funny gag gifts that you can get. Leave-Me-Alone Useless Box Kit This is the best,

Wacky TV Shows You Have To See To Believe

Do you like wacky shows? If you need some entertainment, in the wackiest way, you have to check out some of these shows.  Wipeout This wacky show is so fun to watch, but certainly wacky. The premise has people competing to see who can get

Florida Couple Attempted To Have Sex In Cop Car: Police

A Florida couple arrested for DUI has aroused attention for what they allegedly did while in a police car waiting to go to jail. On Friday night, Nassau County Sheriff’s Deputy Mark Hunter pulled over two bicyclists who were riding around without their lights on and

People Think There’s A NSFW Scene In The Chicago Bulls Logo

That’s because they think the image of the angry bull, when turned upside down, looks a bit NSFW. But Twitter user @MDesaad brought the apparently cheeky detail to the attention of people again over the weekend after the image went viral on Reddit.  Only the

Photo Of ‘Taco Bookmark’ From Indiana Library Goes Viral

Here’s some food for thought: Tacos make lousy bookmarks ― especially for library books. But that seemingly obvious bit of knowledge didn’t stop a photo of, yes, a taco in a library book from going viral this past weekend. On Saturday, Amanda Monson, a librarian with

Pigeon Poops On Lawmaker Griping About Pigeon Poop On Live TV

CHICAGO (AP) — A pigeon apparently didn’t think much of a lawmaker’s ideas to address a messy situation at a Chicago Transit Authority stop known by some as “pigeon poop station.” WBBM-TV reports that one of the birds did its business on the head of