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Breaking Up Big Tech Isn’t the Only Approach for Antitrust

Last week, Andrew Yang, the dark-horse presidential candidate who has positioned himself as at once the most tech-savvy and the most technophobic candidate in the race, released a plan for regulating Big Tech. His ideas range from the mundane but wise (revive the Office of

The Likely Reason Disney\+ Accounts Are Getting ‘Hacked’

The reports came just a few days after Disney+ launched: Thousands of the streaming service accounts were already up for sale on various hacking forums, at bargain prices. As of Wednesday, new victims were still taking to Twitter and other venues to express their frustration

How to Watch the November Democratic Debate

Is anyone learning anything new from the Democratic debates? Does anyone even know the full list of candidates who are still in this historically large race? Are 90-second prepared speeches any way to educate a national audience on the intricacies of health care policy? Is

Esports Gamers Experience the Same Stress as Pro Athletes

Professional athletes at the highest level regularly contend not only with fierce competition from opposing teams or individual athletes but also intense psychological pressures, including performance anxiety, fear of failure, and tensions resulting from miscommunication, particularly in team sports. Professional gamers competing in major esports

An Origami Artist Shows How to Fold Ultra-Realistic Creatures

Before becoming a physicist, before being the editor in chief of the Journal of Quantum Electronics, before helping NASA design its largest space telescope, Robert Lang learned to fold paper. Already a numbers whiz at age six, Lang had trouble sitting still during math class.

PM2.5 Air Pollution Is Still Killing Thousands of People in the US

Soot kills. Still! Even in America, even in 2019. Those suspended fragments and droplets smaller than 2.5 micrometers across, small enough to be inhaled into the deepest recesses of the lungs and slip into the bloodstream—that’s soot. Or PM2.5 in technical terms. Breathing it in

Why Good Teachers Are Like Pokémon

I can almost remember the very first class I was responsible for. It was a college-level physics lab, and I was a graduate teaching assistant. It was both fun and weird. I wasn’t much older than the students, but there I was, in charge of

Starlings Fly in Flocks So Dense They Look Like Sculptures

At sunset in winter in Spain, thousands of starlings gather in enormous flocks, named murmurations for the low fluttering thunder of their wings. The birds move in astounding unison, each mimicking its six or seven of their nearest neighbors as they whirl across the sky.

Opinion: Workers Deserve a Say in Automation

When the global economy shifted in the late 19th century, working people were the first to adapt. They moved to cities like Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Toledo, Ohio, and worked long hours in unsafe factories. They drove the Industrial Revolution and changed the nature of work

Shark IQ Robot Review: Convenience Makes Up for a Low IQ

Most robot vacuum improvements are iterative—how can we pack a few more software features into the app? Can we make the it a little smaller, or make it run for a little longer? A self-emptying bin, on the other hand, is life-changing. In my two-kid,

25 Amazing Holiday Gift Ideas Under $25 (2019)

All of us have a loved one who never wants any fuss. “Don’t buy me anything,” they always say. But you know them better than that. The trick it to just get them something that’s not too expensive, just to show them you’re thinking of

Iran’s APT33 Hackers Are Targeting Industrial Control Systems

Iranian hackers have carried out some of the most disruptive acts of digital sabotage of the last decade, wiping entire computer networks in waves of cyberattacks across the Middle East and occasionally even the US. But now one of Iran’s most active hacker groups appears

Black Friday 2019: Our Tips for Finding the Best Deals

Still, the deals are worth it if you are in the market for an item and want to save some cash. Just keep in mind that price research is important, and if you miss out on a deal, don’t fret; there’s a chance it will

Today’s Cartoon: Open Source Relationship

Wednesday, November 20, 2019. By David Ostow, with Here’s everything you always wanted to know about open source software (but were afraid to ask). Tuesday, November 19, 2019. By Jeremy Nguyen, with A search engine is trying to slow climate change by funneling

The $189,000 DBX SUV Is Here to Save Aston Martin

For all the indignities James Bond suffers in the opening scene of The Spy Who Loved Me—a mustard yellow snowsuit, a disco version of his theme song, being shot at by Soviet assassins—at least he didn’t have to start his day on the slopes in

Feds Pin Uber Crash on Human Operator, Call for Better Rules

The Uber self-driving car crash that killed a pedestrian in March 2018 was the fault of the vehicle’s operator, who wasn’t paying attention at the time and was likely looking at her cell phone, the National Transportation Safety Board has determined. But the safety watchdog

Astronomers Detect Water Vapor Around Jupiter’s Moon Europa

In the search for life in our solar system, Mars tends to steal the spotlight (thanks, David Bowie). But in recent years Jupiter’s fourth largest moon, Europa, has emerged as a promising extraterrestrial nursery. Planetary scientists have long suspected Europa may harbor a vast liquid

To See the Future of Disinformation, You Build Robo-Trolls

Jason Blazaikis’s automated far-right propagandist knows the hits. Asked to complete the phrase “The greatest danger facing the world today,” the software declared it to be “Islamo-Nazism,” which it said will cause “a Holocaust on the population of Europe.” The paragraph of text that followed

With #Fartgate, Twitter Was a Gas Once Again

OK, boomers—and by “boomers,” I mean anyone over 25 years of age—hear me out. Last night was marvelous, wasn’t it? At around 7:02 pm Eastern, US representative Eric Swalwell appeared on Hardball to talk about the ongoing impeachment hearings against President Trump. During his response

The Messy Legal Fight to Bring Celebrities Back From the Dead

Last week, independent production company Magic City Films announced that it would be bringing James Dean back from the dead. Not literally, but digitally, using full-body CGI and existing footage and photos. The Rebel Without a Cause actor will become the secondary lead in a