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An Apple iOS 13 Review, Spying Streaming Devices, and More News

Apple’s latest iPhone OS is here, you’re being watched by your streaming devices, and you could soon get your DNA sequenced anonymously. Here’s the news you need to know, in two minutes or less. Want to receive this two-minute roundup as an email every weekday?

Amazon Puts a Charge Into Startup Automaker Rivian

Amazon has ordered 100,000 all-electric delivery vans from American startup Rivian, suggesting the retail giant intends to own more of the logistics network that makes more than 5 billion deliveries a year. The move is a major boon to Rivian, a young, Tesla-like automaker that

Depth of Field: Hong Kong’s Flash Mob for Democracy

During the height of the 1960s American political upheaval, the Black Panther Party began using the phrase “All power to all the people.” In an interview from 1996, cofounder Bobby Seale provided insight into the group’s vast oeuvre of slogans—many of which, he explained, were

How Painter Alexa Meade Creates Dimension-Collapsing Art

Alexa Meade was on her way to a wonky career in politics when an art class turned her world upside down. The assignment was to “create a sculpture that felt like a landscape but was not a sculpture of a landscape,” Meade recalls. So she

Amazon’s New Climate Pledges Won’t Stop Employee Walkout

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled a new set of programs designed to reduce the company’s carbon footprint Thursday, including purchasing 100,000 electric trucks. The announcement comes just one day before at least 1,550 Amazon workers plan to walk out over what they say is an

Generation Z Is Making Music With Anti-Radical Tones

Recently, in the music video for “Keeping Tabs,” the 21-year-old Chicano chillwave artist Omar Banos, who performs under the name Cuco, goes on a spiritual, mind-expanding journey. On an acid trip, he transports from the parking lot of a local Super A to an empty

Farm Animals Are the Next Big Antibiotic Resistance Threat

Laxminarayan and his colleagues were convinced that farm-created resistance was posing an equivalent danger to livestock, but—unlike in human medicine—there were no large data sources to help them prove it. Surveillance for resistance on farms is patchy and politically sensitive. They turned instead to searching

Bob Iger Imagines an Alt-History Where Disney and Apple Merge

Happy Thursday, welcome to The Monitor, WIRED’s pop culture news roundup. It’s been a somewhat quiet week on the entertainment news front, but there are still some chatter-worthy updates, including something very exciting for Boondocks fans. Let’s get started. Disney CEO Bob Iger Would’ve Combined

iOS 13 Arrives, But Not Without Some Bugs

It happens every fall: Right on the heels of Apple announcing another $1,000 phone, the company releases a major operating system update that make even older iPhones feel refreshed. Today is that day, as iOS 13 becomes officially available to all owners of an iPhone

How Apple Arcade Will Reshape Mobile Gaming

Apple has been complicit in all of this, taking a 30 percent cut of all in-app purchases. (Google does this with the Play Store as well.) It has also, though, tried to promote apps that take a different road. In 2015, Apple dedicated an entire

You Can Soon Get Your DNA Sequenced Anonymously

When biomedical researchers go to sleep at night, they dream of genomes. Yours, and mine, and all six degrees of Kevin Bacon between us. And who can blame them? Think of all the information packed into the six billion letters of genetic code that makes

The Traces of Human Activity in the Burning Man Void

When you buy something using the retail links in our stories, we may earn a small affiliate commission. Read more about how this works. Burning Man bills itself as the biggest “Leave No Trace” event in the world. This means that after revelers have dismantled

‘Sorry to This Man’ Is the Perfect Meme for Right Now

Sometimes, ignorance is diss. In the early aughts, Mariah Carey killed Jennifer Lopez with cluelessness, shutting down an interviewer who asked about the rival pop star simply by saying, “I don’t know her.” Almost two decades later, Carey is still fielding questions about the moment

Roku Ultra and Express (2019): Price, Specs, Release Date

With the holiday season coming, Roku has announced a new slate of upgrades for the company’s streaming devices and the software that runs on them. The move comes ahead of an event next week where Amazon is expected to unveil its own new streaming Fire

An Exclusive Look Inside Apple’s A13 Bionic Chip

When talking about the previous-generation A12 Bionic in an interview, Gwennap points out that while Apple leads the single-CPU race, the others are relatively competitive with them. “I don’t see them as far ahead,” he says. “I would expect Samsung, Qualcomm, and Huawei will up

How to Go to the Bathroom in Space

Former shuttle astronaut Mike Massimino will never forget the time he had to practice pooping for NASA. Before heading to space for the first time, Massimino found himself in a mockup of the space shuttle pretending to use a toilet with a camera inside the

Trump Threatens California’s Role as a Clean-Air Pioneer

The news came, like so much else these days, over Twitter. In a series of tweets Wednesday, President Trump said his administration will revoke California’s ability to set its own vehicle emission standards. The state’s leaders have promised resistance, and the fighting will likely take

Veja’s New Running Shoe Subtracts the Plastic

The guts of the shoe were a little trickier. Making running shoes is a lot like baking, says Arnaud Dabir, a project manager at Veja who worked with material scientists on the shoe. Each component is a precise mix of ingredients that must blend together

AI Could Reinvent Medicine—Or Become a Patient’s Nightmare

That same year, Google entered into a data-mining partnership with the University of Chicago Medical Center that is now being challenged in court. This past June, a patient sued UCMC and Google, alleging that his and thousands of other patients’ electronic medical records were given

The Viral App That Labels You Isn’t Quite What You Think

The ImageNet researchers attribute the inclusion of offensive and insensitive categories to the overall size of the task, which ultimately involved 50,000 workers who evaluated 160 million candidate images. They also point out that only a fraction of the “person” images were actually used in

Sorry, Streamers: The Race to Snag Old Shows Leads Nowhere

The most surprising news to emerge this week from the world of streaming wasn’t that NBCUniversal would be calling its forthcoming service Peacock. Or that Peacock would be rebooting Punky Brewster and Saved by the Bell. No, it was that HBO Max had shelled out

Jack Conte, Patreon, and the Plight of the Creative Class

Six years later, who does Patreon serve best? Some 125,000 creators use the service, and according to the data-tracking site Graphtreon, they draw in more than 5 million pledges monthly. One of Patreon’s top-earning clients, grossing $139,000 monthly from 31,000 patrons, is the bitingly funny

A Moon Elevator Is Both Inexpensive And Entirely Doable, Study Says

The lunar space elevator would dangle in orbit above Earth and be held taut by our planet’s gravity. You’d reach the moon after a short spaceflight and transfer to vehicles that scale the cable. Wikimedia CommonsThe study claims a lunar space elevator would free scientists