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Researchers Want Guardrails to Help Prevent Bias in AI

Artificial intelligence has given us algorithms capable of recognizing faces, diagnosing disease, and, of course, crushing computer games. But even the smartest algorithms can sometimes behave in unexpected and unwanted ways, for example picking up gender bias from the text or images they are fed.

Alphabet’s Dream of an ‘Everyday Robot’ Is Just Out of Reach

The Everyday Robot project originated from a multimillion-dollar mess. In 2013, Google executive Andy Rubin stepped down from leading the company’s Android mobile software division and went on a robot spending spree with the company checkbook. Google acquired a gaggle of startups with technologies ranging

Meet the Elite Shot Putter Chasing a World Record

If you’ve ever tried your hand at shot put, you know it’s tougher than it looks. The metal ball, called a shot, is deceptively heavy for its size. At 16 pounds, it’s the weight of a bowling ball crammed into a package about the size

Fans May or May Not Get a Joker Sequel

Greetings, welcome to another edition of The Monitor, WIRED’s culture news roundup. Today we have news from many corners of the galaxy — from Netflix, to the Grammys, to the DC Extended Universe. Time to dive in. Lizzo, Billie Eilish, and Lil Nas X Top

Russia’s ‘Sandworm’ Hackers Also Targeted Android Phones

The Russian state-sponsored hackers known as Sandworm have launched some of the most aggressive and disruptive cyberattacks in history: intrusions that planted malware inside US electric utilities in 2014, operations that triggered blackouts in Ukraine—not once, but twice—and ultimately NotPetya, the most costly cyberattack ever.

Opinion: Blocking the Disabled on the Web Means Blocking Innovation

Without the inspiration and innovation of two disabled individuals, the digital world likely wouldn’t be what it is today. Yet that same world so summarily excludes disabled individuals today that we’re eliminating the very people we will need to solve the web’s future problems. Since

5 Best Rain Jackets for 2019: Lightweight, Hiking, and More

Trying to decipher jackets’ product specs is almost as annoying as getting soaked by a sudden cloudburst on the trail. Look for laminated layers: Most technical waterproof jackets are referred to as two- or three-layer jackets. These layers usually consist of a face fabric that

LG G8X ThinQ Review: Two Screens Come at a Cost

Smartphones have become necessities in the past decade, but visually, they haven’t changed much. The 2007 iPhone is, well, just as much a rectangular slab as the new iPhone 11 Pro. But their shapes have evolved. Foldable phones like the Samsung Galaxy Fold are all

20 Best Pre-Black Friday Outdoors Deals: REI, Huckberry, MooseJaw, Etc

Outdoorspeople face an existential conundrum: To be comfortable and safe outside, you need weatherproof jackets, boots, and hats. But if you wait to buy your gear on sale—like, say, on Black Friday—then you’re wasting valuable time on a computer, when you could be catching some

More Powerful Batteries Make This a True Electric Car Race

When the 2019-2020 Formula E season kicks off in the Saudi city of Diriyah this weekend, the all-electric racing series will be missing a hallmark of the sport’s early years: the car swap. In its first four seasons, the batteries powering cars couldn’t last the

Today’s Cartoon: Social Media Fallout

Thursday, November 21, 2019. By Ivan Ehlers, with Step inside the weird, and booming, industry of online influence. Wednesday, November 20, 2019. By David Ostow, with Here’s everything you always wanted to know about open source software (but were afraid to ask). Tuesday,

The 8-Hour Workday Is a Counterproductive Lie 

The eight-hour workday started its life as a socialist dream. The Welsh textile mill owner and social reformer Robert Owen is credited as the first person to articulate it, by calling for “eight hours labor, eight hours recreation, and eight hours rest” for workers in

Hey Surgeon, Is That a HoloLens on Your Head? 

The Microsoft headset fits over the surgeon’s head and displays transparent images that hover in the surgeon’s field of vision. The apps align images of the patient’s anatomy with the real-life view. When it’s all set up, a surgeon can walk around the patient, viewing

23 Early Black Friday Tech Deals for 2019 (Updated Frequently)

Retailers love to throw the term Black Friday around a lot. A whole lot. From Black Friday marketing emails hitting your inbox mid-January to the “Black Friday in July” sales that hover around Amazon Prime Day, it’s easy to think that Black Friday lasts all

‘Trump’s Notes’ Photographer Explains How He Got the Shot

It’s a simple photograph, just a close-up on a notepad filled with Sharpie letters scrawled in an all-caps shout. But the pad is Donald Trump’s, the notes are a strangled refutation of fact, and the image has instantly become the most iconic yet of the

Iranian Americans Struggle to Reach Family Amid Internet Blackout

“Technically, for them, even though I’m using Skype, it’s not the internet,” says Rad, who is based in California. She adds that despite the blackout, she received an email from a friend in Iran at 2:30 am Pacific time Tuesday morning. “There are these pockets

Adolf Hitler’s Childhood Home Is Being Turned Into A Police Station

What to do with the property has long been the subject of tense discussion. After decades of uncertainty, the Austrian government has finally made a decision. Wikimedia CommonsThe property was formerly a day-care center for people with disabilities. Adolf Hitler’s childhood home in Braunau am

Trump’s Notes Exposed, a Disney+ ‘Hack,’ and More News

The president is scribbling and hackers are crippling, but first: a cartoon about open-source romance. Here’s the news you need to know, in two minutes or less. Want to receive this two-minute roundup as an email every weekday? Sign up here! Today’s News President Trump’s

Breaking Up Big Tech Isn’t the Only Approach for Antitrust

Last week, Andrew Yang, the dark-horse presidential candidate who has positioned himself as at once the most tech-savvy and the most technophobic candidate in the race, released a plan for regulating Big Tech. His ideas range from the mundane but wise (revive the Office of