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Would the Coronavirus Quarantine of Wuhan Even Work?

The Chinese government announced Wednesday that it would quarantine the city of Wuhan, the center of an outbreak of a new viral disease that has (officially) killed 17 people and infected more than 500. As of 10 AM Thursday morning in Wuhan—9 PM EST—no flights

The UN Warns Against the Global Threat to Election Integrity 

A new United Nations-sponsored report offers one of the most comprehensive overviews of the challenges to global electoral integrity posed by the onslaught of misinformation, online extremism, and social media manipulation campaigns, and calls for a series of reforms from platforms, politicians, and international governing

The 737 MAX Delay Is Just One of Boeing’s Many Problems

The past 10 months have not been good for Boeing for all sorts of reasons—capped off in December by the failure of the company’s Starliner commercial crew vehicle to achieve the right orbit in its uncrewed debut. But the biggest of the company’s problems remains

Experts Can’t Agree If the Wuhan Virus Is a Global Crisis

A new virus that originated in China has all the marking of a global crisis: It emerged suddenly and proved to be deadly. It crossed borders easily, and requires immediate, coordinated efforts between countries to contain it. Taken together, the details seem enough for the

Feds Want to Rein In ‘Emotional Service’ Animals on Planes

Tales of flights filled with service peacocks, service rabbits, service monkeys, service turkeys, and service iguanas have become an internet cottage industry. (Who doesn’t love video of peacocks strutting around airports?) So have services by online therapists, offering to certify your pet as an “emotional

Netflix’s Big Viewership Numbers Mean Very Little

When it comes to evaluating if a movie is a hit or a miss, at least commercially, there’s a very easy metric for that: box office numbers. Movies need to make money; to make money, they need to sell tickets at theaters. Ticket prices can

Everything We Know About the Jeff Bezos Phone Hack

On November 8, 2018, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos received an unexpected text message over WhatsApp from Saudi Arabian leader Mohammed bin Salman. The two had exchanged numbers several months prior, in April, at a small dinner in Los Angeles, but weren’t in regular contact; Bezos

The Science Behind Crafting a Perfect Espresso

But since that packing isn’t homogeneous, the actual flavor will vary. Coffee pros will typically say that underextraction (not enough coffee surface area? Grind too coarse? Packed too light? Not enough water?) yields sour flavors, and overextraction (the opposite of those other things?) yields bitterness.

The Real Genius of *Love Island* Is Its Money-Making App

Love Island—the reality show stuffed with six-packs, sunscreen, fake tans, and pearly white teeth—is back! Wired UK This story originally appeared on WIRED UK. The series, which returned to screens for a winter edition last Sunday, has been a smash hit, crossing international borders and

This Indie Horror Game Made Me Confront My Fear of Death

I’m terrified of my body. The fat buildup on my abdomen. My tiny arms. I’ve always hated having to focus on it and especially hated interrogating its internal functions. Doctors scare me for this reason. I assume my body is trying to kill me; looking

The Next Campaign Text You Get May Be From a Friend

“Relational organizing is just organizing,” said Betsy Hoover, one of Higher Ground’s cofounders. “But this allows campaigns to say, ‘Now is the time for you to prioritize your network’ and, two, to say, ‘This is how that outreach impacted my outcome.’ And that’s a really

Best Amazon Echo and Alexa Speakers (2020): Which Models Are Best?

Amazon’s family of Alexa-enabled devices keeps growing. From the can-shaped Echo to the tiny Echo Input, you can get Alexa into your home in many different ways. These devices can answer your questions, help you order essentials, set timers, play all sorts of audio content,

Cats, Once YouTube Stars, Are Now an ‘Emerging Audience’

Whenever Courtney Cirone grabs her iPad, her cat Cooper runs over as though a bag of treats had just been shaken. He wants to watch YouTube, specifically videos of squirrels and tiny birds scurrying about. “His eyes get super big, and he moves his head

Microsoft Looms Over the Privacy Debate in Its Home State

One of the new proposed bills is a broad privacy law, which, like a California law that took effect this month, allows consumers to ask companies to delete some personal data, or refrain from selling it. Microsoft has said it already offers the core rights

Today’s Cartoon: Joint Tweet Custody

Wednesday, January 22, 2020. By Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell, with Sharing a social media account with your spouse might not be as weird or obnoxious as it sounds. Tuesday, January 21, 2020. By Pat Byrnes, with With the entertainment startup Quibi, Hollywood bets on

Release the Kratom: Inside America’s Hottest New Drug Culture

By her mid-20s, Faith Day was out of jail but homeless. She was also addicted to a substance now too legally compromising to name. When she tried to quit, she couldn’t afford the medication to manage the withdrawal symptoms. She looked to the internet for

Laser Headlights Can Make Roads Brighter—and Cars Smarter

In other words, your headlamps could someday broadcast data—not that any automakers are working on that at the moment. And not just your headlamps, but anything that emits artificial light. “Could be with a streetlight, could be with stoplights or stop signs,” says Nakamura’s SLD

Today’s Cartoon: An App for That

Wednesday, January 22, 2020. By Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell, with Sharing a social media account with your spouse might not be as weird or obnoxious as it sounds. Tuesday, January 21, 2020. By Pat Byrnes, with With the entertainment startup Quibi, Hollywood bets on

GM’s Latest Has Sensors and Room for 6, but No Steering Wheel

The self-driving future, according to Cruise, starts with an orange, white, and black shuttle van, with sliding doors, two sets of three seats facing each other, and nary a steering wheel or pedal to be seen. Unveiled for the media and more than 900 Cruise