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Wimbledon tennis tournament canceled, 2021 dates announced

April 1 (UPI) — Wimbledon — one of professional tennis’ four Grand Slam tournaments — was canceled Wednesday because of the coronavirus pandemic. The 134th Championships will be held June 28 to July 11, 2021, at the All England Club in London. The main board

‘The Nanny’ cast to reunite for virtual table read

April 1 (UPI) — The original cast of ’90s sitcom The Nanny is reuniting for a virtual table read. Fran Drescher, who played the titular character, Fran Fine, on the CBS series, confirmed in a tweet Tuesday that she and her former Nanny co-stars will

Welsh town captured Guinness record for traffic roundabouts

April 1 (UPI) — A Welsh man said he contacted Guinness World Records to alert the group that his town has the world’s highest concentration of roundabouts. Brian Dougal said he learned the town of Milton Keynes, England, currently holds the Guinness World Record for

Phish to stream new album ‘Sigma Oasis’ on Wednesday

April 1 (UPI) — Phish will share its new album with fans during a live stream Wednesday evening. The rock band confirmed in an Instagram post Tuesday that it will unveil Sigma Oasis, its first album in over three years, during an online listening party.

Stocks down in early trading on Wall Street

April 1 (UPI) — U.S. stocks fell in early trading Wednesday a day after finishing their worst first quarter in history and the Trump administration warned as many as 200,000 Americans could die from the coronavirus disease. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was down more

The Zoom Privacy Backlash Is Only Getting Started

The popular video conferencing application Zoom has been having a Moment during the Covid-19 pandemic. But it’s not all positive. As many people’s professional and social lives move completely online, Zoom use has exploded. But with this boom has come added scrutiny from security and

U.S. shed 27,000 jobs in early March, ADP and Moody’s says

April 1 (UPI) — U.S. companies eliminated more than 27,000 jobs last month before the major impact of the coronavirus emergency, analysts said in a report Wednesday. ADP and Moody’s Analytics said in their analysis that was the total number of losses in the United

The Quieter Side of Preparing for Disaster

Dutch photographer Lise Straatsma remembers the exact day that sparked her headlong dive into the world of prepping. It was November 13, 2015, when terrorists launched a string of coordinated attacks throughout Paris that killed 129 people. Straatsma was visiting the city for a photography

Why You Need a Soundbar for Your TV

If there’s one thing a global pandemic is good for, it makes you count your blessings. I’m grateful my family is healthy, and I’m thankful I still have my job. I’m also glad—and it’s a small enough thing—to live in the golden age of streaming.

Now Might Be the Time People Need ASMR Most

Everything is anxiety-inducing and you’re on your own. You’re alone in an apartment as sirens blare outside in a quiet city, and you don’t know if it’s the police responding to a crime scene or an ambulance transporting another patient who may have Covid-19. You’re

The Dangers of Moving All of Democracy Online

Governments around the world are struggling to deal with the public health and economic challenges of coronavirus. While many have pointed to how authoritarian regimes exacerbated the pandemic, we’ve so far paid dangerously little attention to coronavirus’s challenge to democracy. In a democracy, citizens need

Trump Eases the Way for More Gas Guzzlers 

After three years of tumult and revised scientific analyses, the Trump administration Tuesday formally relaxed Obama-era fuel economy rules that aimed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and stall the effects of climate change. Under the new rules, automakers will have to meet less stringent targets

The State of Coronavirus Testing in the US

It’s difficult to know right now exactly how many people in the United States have been tested for Covid-19, but we do know that there are some big testing bottlenecks. The US Food and Drug Administration has issued clearances to manufacturers of testing machines that

The Squatty Potty Has a Rare Discount on Amazon Today

Best Home DealsBest Home DealsThe best home, kitchen, smart home, and automotive deals from around the web, updated daily. Squatty Potty 7″ | 17 Bells | Amazon Get a load of this: Amazon dropped the price of Squatty Potty to just 17 Bells, the lowest

What Happened To Don Lewis, Carole Baskin’s Husband?

Did Carole Baskin feed her husband to their tigers? After the Netflix documentary Tiger King brought new interest to the cold case, authorities are asking for help. While the Netflix documentary Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness left viewers obsessed with Joe Exotic, he wasn’t

The US Army’s Virus Research Lab Gears Up to Fight Covid-19

The cinder block hallways inside the US Army’s top virus research lab are punctuated every few feet with windows that peer into tiny offices and laboratories crammed with scientific equipment. On each doorway, orange placards with that Vulcan-looking biohazard symbol keep visitors alert. Through one

Why Some States Are Resisting Social Distancing Measures

Alabama hospitals were nearing capacity when Governor Kay Ivey spoke with reporters on Thursday. Despite a dearth of tests, there were more than 630 confirmed Covid-19 cases in the state, more than 100 of whom were hospitalized, and dozens of patients on ventilators. Local reports

13 Best Galaxy S20 Cases (40+ Cases Tested)

For the longest time, I’ve refrained from putting a case on my phone. A case ruins the look and (sometimes) hides a fun color scheme! Then I dropped a phone hard enough to shatter its glass and immediately reconsidered my stance. Smartphones are expensive, and