Pies taken from unlocked store, money and apology note left behind

Dec. 4 (UPI) — Police in Missouri said someone took two pies from a store that was accidentally left unlocked while closed — but the culprit left money and a note, making it an “after-hours transaction” instead of a burglary.

The Ballwin Police Department said the front door of Honey Baked Ham had apparently been left unlocked accidentally on Thanksgiving Day, when the store was closed for the holiday, and a customer who came inside the empty store in the afternoon called police.

Police found some cash on the counter and a note reading: “Happy Thanksgiving! No one was here, and we were in desperate need of pies. Left money, took pies. Thanks!”

“(Officers) responded, found the door open, searched the business,” Officer Mike Burgoyne told KPLR-TV. “They didn’t find anything inside the business but some money that was left and note that said two pies were taken because they were dire need of pies for Thanksgiving.”

Police said the pie-taker would have had to go behind the counter and retrieve the pies from a refrigerator, which could potentially have led to trespassing charges, but the store declined to pursue criminal charges for the “after-hours transaction.”

“Nothing else was missing. We believe $26 was left. Each pie cost $11. So, they even left money to cover the tax,” Burgoyne said.