The Hyper-Realistic Pencil Drawings of Kohei Ohmori

Japanese artist Kohei Ohmori rose to prominence over the last few years thanks to his uncanny ability to draw everyday metallic objects to perfection. Just take a look at the three-dimensional Seiko wristwatch below!

Using graphite pencils is usually a dead giveaway that you’re looking at a drawing of something, but in the case of Kohei Ohmori’s artworks, it feels more like looking at high-resolution, black-and-white photographs. The 25-year-old Japanese artist spends hundreds of hours on a single project, using his signature super-sharp pencils, a steady hand and mountains of patience to get the tiniest details just right. As a result, his drawings turn out as realistic as photographs.

Photo: Kohei Ohmori/YouTube

Ohmori first made news headlines around the world in 2017, when his rendition of an Asahi beer can, complete with perfect lettering that looked printed on the page, and expertly drawn lighting and shading effects, went viral on Twitter. People couldn’t stop praising his talent and patience, and after being featured by mainstream m edia outlets like Japan Today, his popularity expanded beyond Japanese borders.

Next came Ohmori’s “Nut and Bolt” project, which, as the name suggests, depicts a nut and bolt in insane detail, down to the finest threading and imperfection. According to the artist’s brother, he spent around 280 hours working on it, getting the proportions just right and focusing on the most minuscule details.

Kohei Ohmori recently unveiled his most recent masterpiece, an impressive drawing of a Seiko wristwatch, which, as you can tell from the embedded YouTube video below, is perfect down to the tiniest detail. As was the case with his previous artworks, Ohmori’s latest project is making people do a double take, and leaving them with their mouth open.


Although 25-year-old Kohei appears to focus mostly on metallic objects in his art, he is a gifted portrait artist as well, as you can tell from this incredibly portrait of British model Sophia Blackbrough.

Curious what Kohei Ohmori will draw next? Keep an eye on his YouTube, Twitter and Instagram profiles to find out.