This Week In History News, Aug. 4 – 10

Galilee’s storied Church of the Apostles uncovered, gangster John Dillinger’s body to be exhumed, Iron Age woman buried in tree trunk unearthed. Archaeologists Discover Early Christian “Church Of The Apostles” In Galilee Zachary WongThe Beit Habek excavations in have uncovered a Byzantine-era church believed to

German museum displays ‘real’ Snow White’s gravestone

By Chris Robertson, news reporter A museum in Germany says it has got its hands on the long-lost gravestone of the “real Snow White”, after it went missing in 1804. The Diocesan Museum in Bamberg is displaying the gravestone of Maria Sophia von Erthal, who

Convenience store apologises after rat video goes viral

A convenience store chain in Japan has closed one of its stores and apologised after a video of rats running around one of its stores went viral. In the video, which has been viewed more the five million times on social media, but has not

Mystery substance turns river tributary bright blue

An investigation has been launched by an environment watchdog after the tributary of a major river turned bright blue. The vivid coloured stream which feeds into the River Frome – near the Somerset market town of the same name – is being treated as a

Man Suffers Collapsed Lung After Long Karaoke Session

A 65-year-old man from eastern China needed to be hospitalized after an unusually long karaoke session allegedly left him with a serious medical condition known as a collapsed lung. Identified solely by his surname, Wang, the elderly karaoke enthusiast realized something was wrong when he

These Are The Weird Addictions People Have: Part One

At the end of the day, we all have some kind of addiction. Whether it’s working out a lot, smoking, or something more severe, there are all kinds of addictions, and some of them are just plain weird addictions. Eating Glass You may think, how